The Joy of the Lord



What are you praying for? Who are you praying for? Why are you praying?

All of these have your regular, time stamped answers you can whip out in a moments notice.  Well, what if I told you that God has things He wants prayed for in the Spirit and spoken into the physical realm.  Are you asking Him and waiting for His answers?  or do you rush in with your own ideas? On that one you have to learn how to make yourself stop and be still. I’ve learned that my Soul and Spirit must be unified and wait for Him. Your mind, will and emotions will run a-muck otherwise. Your mind, will and emotions must yield to that part of you that’s always in unity & harmony with God. Your Spirit is to be in control. Next, did you know that God has already created every answer to your needs and you’ve  been begging Him for a response and got no answer? And are you doing this for someone else?  Like asking repeatedly is going to change the fact He’s already created the answer to the needs? “Am I spiritual enough?” you ask yourself. OK, at what point do you arrive at enough?  How about reaching up to Him and grabbing that answer? Then trust God to take what He’s already created and bring it into the physical realm. Just because you have relatives in CA and live in NY doesn’t mean they don’t exist. (“Calling those things that be not as though they were” Romans 4:17) I prayed over a prayer basket once, and the Spirit came over me like He does and I saw all these things floating and swirling in the Spirit realm. I knew instantly these were all answers to prayer of God’s people for their needs to be met. Then His sweet voice said, “They have already been answered.” The answers had been there since creation.

In these days where we are surrounded by reprobate minds with rules and laws and agendas, we must take caution in how we pray. God’s compassion is deeper than ours and a part of His character. Are you praying, because someone asked you for prayer? Why did they ask you? Are they calling God a liar? Have they chosen to follow the son of ruin or loss, and ignore the Gospel? Look at Malachi the third chapter. Realize that how God treats men reveals the difference between the righteous and the evil. You can’t make God love you anymore than He already does.  He calls those who live for Him His precious jewels and will take them up spare them. A Covenant people are blessed and grafted in Covenant people are blessed. A warning to intercessors in this hour…do not weep or mourn when you see how God treats evil people for He knows their hearts regardless of how you’ve known them. He is Compassion, not just compassionate.

Go into your prayer closet and ask God what He wants you to pray about. He will share His heart and you will weep and know His great burden. Do not attempt to carry the burden at all, but Pray immediately and release back to Him. Pray it into the physical realm. Then wait if you sense there is more coming. Do not attempt to fill in the gaps with things from your own mind or understanding. Often there is a building process, and sometimes there are things you know you must repent of before continuing. Realize that what you are shown means health for the entire Body of Christ and His desire becomes your desire. Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desire of thine heart. Psalms 37:4. You must push the entire Body of Christ through first to obtain this wonderful gift from God.  It is a joy to know in part and know you’ve claimed it, and grabbed hold of it for everyone who loves and follows Him. You will hear the Prophets, if they are allowed to speak in your Body of Believers, begin to move and you will know greater joy.  What God asked you to pray for is about to manifest.